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Lens Enhancements

Lens Thickness
Lens Tints
Welcome to our website's Lens Enhancements section, where you will find demonstrations that showcase some of the various specialized addons that can be applied to spectacle lenses.
  • The Anti-Reflex demonstration is designed to show you how anti-reflective coatings can reduce the unsightly reflections from the front surface of the lenses, as well as minimise the irritating reflections experienced by the wearer and make spectacle lens wear clearer and more comfortable than ever before.

  • Lens Thickness is a demonstration that shows how the thickness of a spectacle lens is affected by using lens materials that have a different refractive index. Hi-Index lenses are useful in reducing the thickness of lenses with a high prescription, thus allowing the wearer to enjoy slimmmer and more fashionable looking eyewear.

  • Spectacle Lens Tints are often considered to be just a fashion statement or perhaps purely for wearing as sunglasses to reduce glare. There are, however, many functional aspects of tints such as to increase contrast for sporting use. While this demonstration does not go into any detail about the advantages of Lens Tints, you can speak to our optometrist for further details.

  • Photochromic Lenses are lenses that darken when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, such as outdoor sunlight. This essentially turns simple spectacles into sunglasses. When the lenses are no longer exposed to UV, for example by walking indoors, the lenses will gradually return to their clear state.

  • Polarised Lenses have been specially treated to reduce the glare from certain reflected surfaces. They are suitable for driving and outdoor activities. The person looking through the lens can still see clearly, but the polarisation reduces the brightness and glare of light.